Dinamo Consulting is a training and consulting company that serves leading businesses and organizations with its offices in Istanbul and Toronto. We help our clients make lasting improvements in their performance. Since 2006, we have been providing our clients with value-adding and unique projects in project finance, leasing and business development programs.


Dinamo has been Turkey representative of Amembal & Halladay since 2006, Invigors (Part of Alta Group) since 2014 and Shangai Hanin Investment Consulting since 2014. Dinamo is also a Member of Foreign Economic Relations Board and PPP Committee.


  • We focus only on our field of expertise.
  • We blend our academic knowledge and field experience in the areas that we serve.
  • We don’t base our studies only on theoretical or scientifically unsound information.
  • We think learning and development are never-ending processes; we believe in lifelong learning.
  • We collaborate with worldwide experts and institutions in our fields. We particularly try to benefit from the experience of developed markets.
  • Provide training and consulting services that can be transferred to real life.
  • Providing tailor-made solutions rather than ready-made ones.
  • Producing value added, sustainable solutions through a win-win perspective.
  • Becoming a business partner for our clients, rather than a supplier.
  • We support positive feedback and continuous improvement.
  • We expect to enjoy the work we do and the people we work with.